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The US government has now thrown out that understanding so that it can get rid of “unnecessary regulations” and make it easier for private American companies to explore space resources commercially.

In July, a rock with a platinum core passed that was worth £3.5 trillion passed by Earth. Planetary Resources, an American company that intends to make money by mining asteroids, said that the new law was the “single greatest recognition of property rights in history”, and that it “establishes the same supportive framework that created the great economies of history, and will encourage the sustained development of space”.

Much of the ownership of space is regulated by the “Outer Space Treaty”, a document that was signed by the US and Russia among other countries in the 1960s.

(2) Her premise is that tax-funded public schools are contrary to God’s will (see, e.g.

, , and many others); she says that “clearly government education is not God’s system” () and “we know that the prophets and the scriptures, God’s laws and teachers, are opposed to public education” () and that “the system is the devil’s” ().

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