Dating drinking games

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We know, we're wrinkling our noses too, but the whispers about urotherapy in the wellness world have gotten too loud for us to ignore.

A number of socialites, Hollywood actresses, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and top beauty names have mentioned the practice (although, because of its taboo nature, they shy away from publicly associating themselves with it).

To start the game, one person tries to bounce a Ping-Pong ball off of the table and into a cup.

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dating drinking games-76

For those, the link will refer to the broader game handle, and you'll find the particular sub-format indexed here indicated in bold in the text.

Amy Shah, a functional medicine doctor trained in Ayurvedic medicine, which she often employs as a complement to Western therapies.

"It has also been described as a spiritual practice in Ayurveda.""In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there is a theory that eating a similar substance in which you are looking to heal is good for you," explains Simone Wan, a licensed acupuncturist.

"One said his aunt drank it for medicinal purposes.

Of all the things I'd done in my life—and I've done some really odd stuff—I realized I'd never had a sip of my own urine..wasn't that bad." Others concur, with one 20-something who tried it to see if it helped with his long-distance running (he noticed no real results), describing it as "similar to a salty, slightly sour beer."And does it have any merit?

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