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Or to go to Sparrow Hill in the middle of winter and watch the sunrise. Just to name a few of next-day regrets I’ve had lately. They jump up and down for 5 minutes and satisfy themselves only. Anybody that has a problem can email Deidre and they will receive a personal reply.Recurring themes include erection and orgasm problems, incest, having or imagining threesomes, problems with parents, loneliness, addiction to prostitutes, and sex in strange places.In that time, she has helped six million people with a wide variety of problems from incest to loneliness.

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One example of this was after Jose Mourinho called Arsene Wenger a Voyeur, and there was a casebook featuring Arsene peeking in Chelsea training ground, and a letter from him, written in the type of French seen in allo allo.

Big believers in equality don’t go slinging the title “Dame” around willy-nilly. In fact we’re so much better than men that I think the term “Dame” should be used to address each and every woman on the planet from now on. xxoo Dame DD Dear Deidre: I work for an English law firm and so does my gay friend, and he is moving to Moscow soon for his secondment. On another note, I think your mate should do some research into Russian culture before he comes here.

Now to get to your question: No, men and women are not “created equal.” Females are by far the superior sex. What’s the “take-it-up-the-butt” situation like there? I know your advice tends to border on racy, but seriously, he’s afraid of some major Cossack crackdown. Because to date I haven’t seen a single Cossack gallop through the streets of Moscow. I think the point of alcohol is to rid ourselves of inhibitions.

One example of this was after José Mourinho called Arsène Wenger a voyeur, and there was a casebook featuring Arsène peeking into Chelsea's training ground, and a letter from him, written in the type of French seen in 'Allo 'Allo!

Dear Deidre, aka Deidre Sanders, has been The Sun’s agony aunt for the past 35 years, and her column is legendary.

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