Dendrochronological dating of the uluburun ship

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In the exhibit, you can find a ship that represents a real-life representation of the ship near the wreckage, which came from the Levantine origin.Some believe it also may have come from Cypriot as well.The ship was located near the city of Kas which is located in Antalya.

This rich collection of papers by an international authorship, deriving from a conference held at Cornell University in honor of Peter Kuniholm, provides wide-ranging and up-to-date discussions and assessments on a number of key topics concerning the chronology and environment of the central to east Mediterranean and Near East and the field of dendrochronology. Summers) The Rise and Fall of the Hittite Empire in the Light of Dendroarchaeological Research (Andreas Muller-Karpe) Aegean Absolute Chronology: Where did it go wrong?

The debate over what happened around AD536-540 gets a look in also, along with papers exploring the relevance of dendrochemical approaches to identifying past environmental events (such as major volcanic eruptions), and a review of work on timberline dynamics and climate change in Greece. Colin Renfrew) Preface and Acknowledgments Contributors to the Volume Bibliography of Peter Ian Kuniholm Peter Kuniholm's Dendro Time (Fritz H. Baillie) One Hundred Years of Dendroarchaeology: Dating, Human Behavior, and Past Climate (Jeffrey S. Manning) Dendrochemistry of Pinus sylvestris Trees from a Turkish Forest (D. Friedrich, Bernd Kromer, Michael Friedrich, Jan Heinemeier, Tom Pfeiffer, and Sahra Talamo) Dating the Santorini/Thera Eruption by Radiocarbon: Further Discussion (AD 2006-2007) (Sturt W. Several of the papers are likely to be mandatory reading for scholars and students in their respective fields.

Schweingruber) Perspective: Archaeology, History, and Chronology from Penn to the Present and Beyond (James Muhly) Excursions into Absolute Chronology (M. Dean) The Absolute Dating of Wasserburg Buchau: A Long Story of Tree-ring Research (A. Manning) Dendrochronology on Pinus nigra in the Taygetos Mountains, Southern Peloponnisos (Robert Brandes) Could Absolutely Dated Tree-ring Chemistry Provide a Means to Dating the Major Volcanic Eruptions of the Holocene? Manning, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Walter Kutschera, Thomas Higham, Bernd Kromer, Peter Steier, and Eva M. Peter Ian Kuniholm should be proud that this volume bears his name, as it is an appropriate reflection of the impact of his work.'" Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections "This is an excellent book, a fitting testament to Kuniholm’s contribution to our understanding of Aegean prehistory, and a rich source of interest and information for archaeologists, dendrochronologists and climatologists.

This includes controversy - with a set of papers addressing the current debate over the dating of the great Santorini/Thera volcanic eruption in the mid second millennium BC; and famous sites and finds, including a report on the absolute dating of the extraordinary Uluburun ship of the late 14th century BC, and papers concerned with the dating and interpretation of important sites and topics such as Gordion, Akrotiri on Thera, the rise and fall of the Hittite empire, and the Anatolian Iron Age. (Christos Doumas) The Thera Debate Cold Fusion: The Uneasy Alliance of History and Science (Malcolm H.

Other papers explore the history, scope and potential of dendrochronology in the Mediterranean region. Unlu) Neutron Activation Analysis of Dendrochronologically Dated Trees (K. Wiener) Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon Dated to 1627-1600 BC: Further Discussion (Walter L. Manning) "Overall, the work captures the current status of several lines of research and lays the groundwork for future investigations.

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