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Then, you sign in to the website at home, enter your picks and see if they felt the same way. Simon, a 28-year-old HR manager from Birmingham, said it was his work/life balance that stopped him meeting people through more 'old fashioned' means."I do fitness in my spare time and I also do some work on the side so sometimes by the time I finish it's 8pm and then you've got to get ready for that next morning," he said.But after a few weeks living in it it was inevitable that we’d have things we wanted to change.

On this given night, I had 15 dates to get to know. You can message like a regular online dating app, but the difference is you have already met this person so the ice is broken. Changing names to protect identities, some of my fellow daters revealed what they saw in it.

The pages of this newspaper are peppered with sweet tales of golden or diamond wedding anniversaries where couples met at a dance or in a cafe through friends or perhaps even in the post office. Friends are caught up with via text messages or through video call services like Skype and Facetime. The dating game has changed immensely since I first entered it a few too many mistakes ago. Maybe you'd meet at a pub or a gig or the cheap student nights at some club. Even if you don't meet somebody that way there's going to be nice people. You know better than you would online." Speed Dater offer both aspects.

Looking at a photograph and deciding almost instantly 'you might be the one' or 'nah, not for me'. A way of combining old and new so that modern lifestyles are catered for yet the sweet innocence of a beaming smile at a corny joke is not lost when looking for that spark. "I think people are reluctant to try it," says Anny Evans, aged 30, a host of speed dating events for paid-for website Speed uk "But it's sociable. You might meet friends, you might meet somebody that you like in that way. You are going to know in four minutes if you like something about somebody.

You sign up to the site, paying a subscription fee.

You create a profile and then pick and choose your speed dating events near you to suit your lifestyle - with a separate fee for these.

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