White knight dating

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– Believes women aren’t sexual, and considers women’s sexual choices as the result of being manipulated by “douchebags.” – Rushes to defend a woman no matter what, simply because she is a woman, even if she is in the wrong.

Unless you’re without access to the internet and broadband cable, by now you’ve heard that Black marriage rates are down and that Black women are more likely to be hit by lightning than to marry (I like to call this theory “The Black Female Thunderbolt Phenomenon”).

And, that ending, well, is never in a Disney film, is it?

[Read: 15 subtle things that completely change after marriage] 11 things driving your white knight syndrome If you are a guy who thinks it your duty, no wait, your obligation, to save a woman from either the bad situation she finds herself in, or, possibly even, from herself, it might be time to look at what you get out of it.

Some guys protect you more than others, but they are all human and fallible.

Sometimes, when you need them most, they can be found in a bar trying to drink you away…. There are some guys who grew up with the same ideation of what a relationship entails and consider themselves to be the white knight put on earth to save a woman from the darkness she finds herself in.

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